Just Ace Live: Died Pretty interview – 1 December, MoshPit Bar, Sydney

Just Ace is suddenly a live event. On 1 December, I will be interviewing Brett Myers and Steve Clark from Died Pretty. It’s free at MoshPit Bar in Sydney.

It ties in with this week’s episode where I look at 1991, including Died Pretty who released their wonderful album Doughboy Hollow that year.

I will be interviewing Brett and Steve of Died Pretty, who both played on that record (and others, of course). Mark Roxburgh (from Decline of the Reptiles) will be there as well and the night will finish with a set from Steve’s band Nothing But Dust.

I’m going to dig into the late 80s and 90s with Steve, Brett and Mark. A lot happened to all three men in that era. Let’s see how much they remember!

This is part of Mosh Pit’s new series called Gunk, where talks and music sets merge into a night of fun. It’s free and in Newtown so come down for a drink. Or tune in online at 8pm. Check out the Facebook event page.

Thursday Evening Gunk – Died Pretty Special

Interviewed by me

1 December 2023 – 8pm

MoshPit Bar – 642A King St, Erskineville NSW 2043