Welcome to Just Ace – a podcast about the 90s  Australian alternative music scene – whatever the hell that means.

The new podcast series has been written and produced by Danny Yau. In the 90s, he was a teenaged music fan who made a fan website for his favourite band You Am I. The band found it and anointed it their official website and Danny found himself running a de facto fan club for the most acclaimed Australian band of the 90s.

That You Am I association led to a career in the music industry and media, spending over a decade with Warner Music in Australia and the UK, Channel [V] and ARIA. Through it all he has been a radio presenter, music journalist and has played in several bands including Lazy Susan, The Hummingbirds, Josh Pyke, Bryan Estepa, Aerial Maps and his own music.

The Just Ace podcast is a series of audio documentaries about Australia in the 90s. Like chapters is a long sprawling book, no two episodes are the same. Each episode dives into a topic – it can be a band, a label, a publication, a radio station, some technology or other surprises. It’s part history, part documentary and part memoir.

Through it all is a story about how an independent music scene in Australia hit the mainstream in the 90s. How a bunch of bands fought against 80s corporate rock to take something more raw to the top of the charts, to the front of magazines and the headliners of festivals. But also how the good times couldn’t last.

So far there are two seasons of Just Ace, each being 12 episodes.

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Here’s more on season 2.

For any enquiries, contact justace90s@gmail.com.