Tell me more about season 2 of Just Ace then

Just Ace – this highly indulgent podcast about the 90s Australian alternative music scene – is back for season 2.

Just Ace is a series of radio documentaries about what happened in Australian music in the 90s. It reflected what happened around the world – the explosion of grunge, Brit Pop, music festivals, the early internet, the compact disc and much more. What happened in the US and the UK has been recalled in countless documentaries and books. 

The Australian story has been mainly untold.

Season 1 was released on October 2022 and managed to climb to the #1 Music Podcast in Australia. And they are all still up there for you to listen to. Every episode covers a particular topic. It can be a band, a label, some technology, some media or some event. No two episodes are the same.

Season 2 continues the story and will highlight the signing spree that swept through music in the 90s. Bands like Ammonia, The Cruel Sea, Frente, Magic Dirt,  silverchair (are we still doing the lowercase thing?, You Am I and many more. But also more underground and acclaimed bands that found different paths like Even As We Speak, The Lucksmiths and The Meanies.

Beyond the bands there will be episodes on labels, publications, radio and more. The longest and most epic episode of the entire series falls into season 2. As well as the most personal one. I’d like to think bits of it are funny. I put the boot into Hey, Hey It’s Saturday in one bit.

Just Ace is hosted, written, produced and made by Danny Yau. He has worked for record labels, played in bands and lots of other stuff. What is this a job interview?

The only thing not made by me is the season 2 intro. Thanks to Casey Atkins for making that. If you’d like to create the intro to season 3, you simply have to be one of my best friends for many decades. 

If you want to get in touch email me at justace90s [at] Links to subscribe to the podcast are on this page, as well as links to socials. And links to how to support me on Patreon as well.