Playlist: every song from Just Ace Season 1

Listen to every song from Just Ace Season 1 on Apple Music

Do you have Apple Music? Well, you can now listen to a couple of playlists for Just Ace Season 1 – in time to get you amped for Season 2. If you want to get a lot more playlists, go to the Just Ace Apple Music profile.

First, here’s every song actually on Apple Music from season 1. Every song played, backing tracks, original versions of instrumentals, songs from the theme music and more. However plenty of tracks are missing, like many of the instrumentals from 90s soundtracks. But also stuff like Play Me, by The Welcome Mat.

Here’s one just with the Australian songs, mostly from the 90s.

You can try and search for Just Ace in playlists on Apple Music, but it’s not a great platform for search. Follow the profile for more.