Here’s some questions that at some point were frequently asked, and this page hopes to make them less frequent.

What’s a Just Ace?

It’s a 1997 song by Grinspoon, taken from their Guide To Better Living album.

What songs are used in the intro?

  1. Just Ace by Grinspoon
  2. Prisoner Of Society by The Living End
  3. Rumble by You Am I
  4. Pack Yr Suitcases by Custard
  5. The Honeymoon Is Over by The Cruel Sea
  6. I Make Hamburgers by The Whitlams
  7. Accidently Kelly Street by Frente!
  8. Dogs Are The Best People by The Fauves
  9. and then Just Ace again.

What song is used in the outro?

It’s Bushell And Peck by Tim Rogers And The Twin Set. From the 1999 album What Rhymes With Cars And Girls.

What, no Spotify?

It’s not a big thing, but yes I share the concerns many people do with the way artists get paid. I also don’t love how podcasts work on Spotify – how they get customer retention and I get nothing. There’s half a dozen great free podcast apps. It’s easy. I recommend Overcast, which is what I use.

As for playlists – I’m not a Spotify customer so I don’t have any way to make playlists there.

Why didn’t you mention XXXX band?

There were like 40 million bands in Australia in the 90s. I did a count, and I cover around 100 of them over various episodes. But I don’t know all of them. It didn’t feel right to talk about stuff I didn’t really know. Hopefully this podcast starts a conversation and highlights glaring omissions.

I am considering doing a one-hit wonders episode, and an episode about what older bands like Crowded House and Midnight Oil did in the 90s to get on Triple J. If anyone cares. So if the podcast goes well, I’ll get to it.

What’s with the podcast artwork?

It’s kind of a play on the Magic Dirt EP Life Was Better. The foot is a screenshot from the Ammonia film clip for Drugs. Someone once told me, wonderfully, that the moment when that foot hit that pedal in that film clip, her life changed. When I was thinking of images that spoke of the era, I couldn’t think of anything better.

What else have you ripped off, I mean referenced, then?

The tagline, the whatever the hell that means bit, is a complete lift from the wonderful No Depression magazine, whose tagline was a magazine about alternative country – whatever that is.