Hey, why not support this podcast? I can tell you all about the server costs, and all the hours and years I’ve put into this. But really, if I had to pick a reason I like supporting podcasts, it’s to keep them ad free.

At the moment there are two ways to support.


Become a Patron!

You know the deal. Sets up a subscription. You get some goodies. At the moment I only offer a basic support tier. It might grow. It might not. Who knows.

If you support me on Patreon, you get:

  • Advance preview of all the episodes coming up if you want to be spoiled on the stuff I’m working on.
  • An eBook of all the podcast scripts.
  • Discounts if I ever do any merch or books.
  • Shout outs IF I can find a way to do them that aren’t embarrassing.
  • Help keep everything ad-free and independent.
  • Ask me questions. If your questions are good, I might even do a bonus Q&A episode.

Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee is a more standard tip jar. I will totally drink the coffee you buy me.

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