Ep 11: The CD Era – Show Notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 11: The CD Era.

This episode is called Goodbye Vinyl, the name of a Sneeze song.

There are some clips in the episode I found online. I made sure they were all Australian clips. Lots of wonderfully out-dated hairstyles.


Here’s the music heard in the episode.


  • Idiot Box 1 by You Am I
  • I Love My Trackies, Man by Underground Lovers
  • Blue Sky Mine (instrumental) by Midnight Oil
  • When Fusion Ruled The World by Spiderbait
  • Heart Of the Party by Severed Heads
  • Suburban Sprawls by Underground Lovers

Tracks heard:

  • La Di Da Da by Jebediah
  • Goodbye Vinyl by Sneeze