Ep 10: 1991 – Clouds, Died Pretty, Club Hoy – Show Notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 10: 1991 music.


The key album is Penny Century, although there’s great stuff across all their albums (I mean, there’s only three of them, plus the Octopus mini album).

The collection Favourites is really good, collecting a lot of loose singles. It’s not on digital services however.

I guess Hieronymus is still my favourite Clouds track. There’s a wicked sense of humour in the song for me, just in the subject matter.

Pretty close though is Bower Of Bliss. I mean, Clouds were such a great guitar band. The riff-o-rama here is wonderful. They were just full of ideas around this time. Maybe a little too much. I also think they looked so cool here. Jodi’s American star top is so cool.

Clouds or THE Clouds? Listener Brad rightly asked me about this. If you look at all their record covers, it’s Clouds. But it’s actually very weird and uncommon to have a plural name without a ‘the’. There was some confusion at the time with many articles referring to the band as ‘The Clouds’. Although, when it came to listings in the charts, old promo material and more official documents, it’s Clouds.

In more recent years, it has really been The Clouds. Especially since 2005, when Trish and Jodi made an EP called The Girls From The Clouds. Their contemporary URLs and tour artwork all reflect ‘the’. What does this all mean? Who knows, except I think it’s weird to have a plural name without the ‘the’, and I decided to deliberately reference them as Clouds. I had to re-record some parts of the podcast when I slipped the ‘the’ in. It totally sounds weird to my ear. But I went with weird. Now, let;s talk about whether the “F” and “T” in The Girls From The Clouds should be capital or not…

The wonderful Dyson Stringer Cloher with the wonderful tribute to Clouds and Falling Joys with their track Falling Clouds.

Died Pretty

Doughboy Hollow is the classic album. At least for me. Other Died Pretty fans might tell you otherwise. I accept that on this one there is less consensus.

DC was the big track. I’ve heard a couple of conflicting stories about who DC actually is. Does it matter? Probably not.

Here’s the wonderful Harness Up. Goddamn anthem, this one.

Like Clouds, there’s no Died Pretty compilations on streaming services.

Club Hoy

There’s only one Club Hoy album – Thursday’s Fortune. Although there are some loose singles and things.

From that album, is the sweet Not Like That

Here’s Penny’s later ‘hit’, Lap It Up. It’s 1994 and it’s a long way from her simpler, unadorned Club Hoy days. This really sounded great on the radio.

1991 Chart

I talked about the year-end independent charts in the episode. Here’s the full list.

Music heard

  • Idiot Box I by You Am I
  • Fear The Moon by Clouds
  • Cloud Factory by Clouds
  • Hieronymus by Clouds
  • Anthem by Clouds
  • Say It by Clouds
  • Bower Of Bliss by Clouds
  • Here Now by Clouds
  • Ivy by The Dearhunters
  • Falling Clouds by Dyson Stringer Cloher
  • Souleater by Clouds
  • Blue Sky Day by Died Pretty
  • DC by Died Pretty
  • Sweetheart by Died Pretty
  • Harness Up by Died Pretty
  • Stops ’n’ Starts by Died Pretty
  • The Love Song – Died Pretty
  • House On Fire – Club Hoy
  • Lap It Up by Penny Flanagan 
  • Not Like That by Club Hoy
  • That Ain’t Bad by Ratcat