Ep 16: Juice Magazine – show notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 16: Juice Magazine.

The episode title, Word Gets Around, is a song by The Hummingbirds. Nothing too clever about it, there’s no double meaning. But I love that song. 


I tried to mention a few of the classic Australian rock magazines. From 1966-1974 there was Go Set, founded by Philip Frazer. Frazer also started Rolling Stone Australia and wrote about it for the Daily Review.

RAM (1975-1989), founded by Anthony O’Grady and Juke (1975-1992), founded by Ed Nimmervoll came next.


Above, Toby Creswell and Lesa Belle Furhagen, and their new magazine.

Juice magazine’s website is long gone. It had the cool URL Juice.net.

Here’s that first issue of Juice that featured Jimmy Barnes on the cover. I love Jimmy, but this era of his work wasn’t my favourite. Here he is just a couple of years later, playing guitar. Just didn’t feel right.

I thought about doing a deep dive into Juice issue #1, just to give people a flavour of what was in there, circa 1993. There’s an article about Virtual Reality, doubly funny as this year Apple announced the Vision Pro. There’s articles about Frente, Russell Crowe, ecstasy and a fun interview between Nick Cave and Grant McLennan.

But I didn’t. Come around and you can borrow it.

Here’s a big gallery of early Juice covers from the state library, that I spent several days reading.

Rolling Stone

You can check out the latest version of Rolling Stone on their website.

Here’s the first Australian cover with Jerry Garcia

Here’s the first Australian artist on the cover – Skyhooks in 1976.

I had done all this research about that Paul Keating cover and then The Saturday Paper ran a whole story about it. Saturday Paper does good stuff. And you can read it here

Here’s that Jack Nicholson cover. Tim Rogers hidden in the corner. I’m sure that cover meant a lot to…someone.

Other mags

There was just no real comprehensive list of all Australian rock mags. Especially by the late 90s, some would exist for a couple of years and died off. No one kept track of all this stuff. They had titles like Edge, Massive and many more.

There’s not that many sources linking together the history of rock mags. One good one is the website of Clinton Walker.

Clinton Walker’s Stranded is probably the best book written about Australian music. Just Ace is an audio attempt to rip off that book, but the 90s instead of the 80s. If you want a great damn yarn on rock history, a new edition was released with no nudity on the cover.

John Birmingham is one of my favourite writers (although I have never read any of his fiction). His history of Sydney, called Leviathan, is another inspiration. I read somewhere that John spent a couple of years at the State Library writing that book. Over the years I have spent a lot of time at the same library, including long sessions working on this podcast.

A book came out just as this podcast was being made. I didn’t get time to read it – and I didn’t want to just feel like copying it. It’s called Full Coverage and it was written by Samuel Fell. Sam spoke to Philip Frazer, Toby Creswell and many others. I can’t do my usual complaint about lack of history. Good work Sam. Find out more at Sam’s website.


Here’s that Juice Magazine list from 2003.

Music heard

  • Idiot Box I by You Am I
  • Start Me Up (instrumental) by The Rolling Stones
  • Stairway Ricochet – The Hot Rollers
  • Working Class Man (instrumental) – Jimmy Barnes