Ep 15: 1992 – Tumbleweed, Underground Lovers, Def FX, Weddings Parties Anything – show notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 15: 1992 music.


Tumbleweed were one of the bright lights of the grunge-plosion in Australia. Promo photo above is from 1992, taken by Sophie Howarth.

They formed from another band, Proton Energy Pills. Any child of the 80s will know the reference. They were cut from the episode for timing reasons. But they were pretty good. As was the follow up band Brother Brick.

They made four albums in the classic period, as well as a few non album singles. The 2023 compilation Killer Weed is pretty killer.

Later in the 90s, Richie Lewis formed The Hot Rollers with Kram from Spiderbait

Underground Lovers

Underground Lovers above, from around 1992, circa Leaves Me Blind. Photo by Tony Mott.

My favourite album is 1995’s Dream It Down.

Def FX

Def FX were one of the biggest Australian indie bands for a while. They sounded pretty different from everyone else in the indie charts. They were way heavier and had a lot more electronica to their sound.

Singer Fiona Horne went solo and did a single with Paul McDermott

Weddings Parties Anything

Weddings Parties Anything may be pushing the definition of alternative. They were on rooArt just as they were starting their new alternative spin-off called Ra Records. But you know, they wore leather jackets and Mick had a goatee in the 90s. That’s alternative, right?

There are some key connections – like Mick Thomas producing The Mabels and Jen Anderson forming the Twin Set with Tim Rogers.

1992 Alternative Independent chart

Look at those top albums. Jesus Christ Superstar, Baby Animals, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel…Australian alternative had a long way to go…

Music heard

  • Idiot Box 1 – You Am I
  • Carousel – Tumbleweed
  • Captain’s Log – Tumbleweed
  • Sundial – Tumbleweed
  • Hang Around – Tumbleweed
  • Silver Lizard – Tumbleweed
  • Wickerman’s Shoes – The Hot Rollers
  • Fang It – Tumbleweed
  • Promenade – Underground Lovers
  • Your Eyes – Underground Lovers
  • Dream It Down – Underground Lovers
  • Losin’ It – Underground Lovers
  • All Brand New – Underground Lovers
  • Takes You Back – Underground Lovers
  • Cold Feeling – Underground Lovers
  • Recognise – Underground Lovers
  • I’ll Be Your Magick – Def FX
  • Surfers Of The Mind – Def FX
  • Space Time Disco – Def FX
  • Psychoactive Summer – Def FX
  • Shut Up/Kiss Me – Fiona Horne, Paul McDermott
  • Let’s Go Out Tonight – Fiona Horne
  • Masses Like Asses – Def FX
  • Step In, Step Out – Weddings Parties Anything
  • Away Away – Weddings Parties Anything
  • Father’s Day – Weddings Parties Anything
  • Monday’s Experts – Weddings Parties Anything
  • Island Of Humour – Weddings Parties Anything (with Billy Bragg)
  • Ordinary Angels – Frente
  • She’s A Dish – Hard-Ons