The Just Ace Poster – available now

To coincide with the first season of Just Ace, a podcast, I’m also producing a poster about the 90s Australian alternative music scene.

The poster was drawn by me. Yes, it took a long time.

It features 163 people from Australian music in the 90s. All of them will feature in the podcast at some point.

It is available on Redbubble because at the moment, that’s just the easiest and least time consuming. I don’t love it and will look at other ways. But they do t-shirts and tote bags and for now it’s just easy.

I will be doing a limited edition run on nicer paper, no logo and no legend. I will number them, and maybe even sign them just to ruin the moment. They will be $20 (less if you’re a Patron). I’m also looking to give a couple to my favourite record store to sell. If you want to secure one, get in touch. It’s a good chance for me to learn about what people want.

So why a poster?

This podcast has taken a long time. It was once a compilation. Then a book. Then an absolutely crazy idea of being an indie comic. It may still be an indie comic one day. But it’s this first.

Also, as the podcast works its way through the years, I wanted to do something to really show the ground that will be covered. It’s not all Sydney 1991.

There are dozens of people whose music I love, whose story I want to tell, who are not on the poster, unfortunately. I was restricted by my own amateur abilities, and made decisions on what I thought was funny, but also who just looked the most interesting.

And look, unless I have a better idea, this will be the cover to the book of podcast scripts.

Who is that person over there?

Mostly, everyone is together if they were in a band together. Mostly. Also, clothing colour choices are often a reference to something. Anyway, here’s who is here.

Top: TISM, Matt Tow (Drop City), Underground Lovers (Richard Andrew, Maurice Aguiro, Glenn Bennie, Vincent Giarrusso, Philippa Nihill), Greg Arnold (Things Of Stone And Wood), Pauline Pantsdown, The Whitlams (Stevie Plunder, Andy Lewis), Skunkhour (Del Larkin, Aya Larkin), Diana Ah Naid, Will Arthur (Glide), The Simpletons (Darren Hanlon), The Mavis’s (Becky Thomas, Matt Thomas)

Second: Club Hoy (Penny Flanagan, Julia Richardson), Ammonia (Simon Hensworth, Dave Johnstone, Allan Balmont), Tumbleweed (Lenny Curley, Jay Curley, Richie Lewis, Steve O’Brien, Paul Hausmeister), Hamish Cowan (Cordrazine), Frenzal Rhomb (Gordy Forman), Bernie Hayes, TISM, Leonardo’s Bride (Abby Dobson, Dean Manning), Fiona Horne (Def FX), Knievel (Tracy Ellis, Wayne Connolly, Nick Kennedy), The Simpletons (Cheyne Gelagin)

Third: The Meanies (Ringo Meanie, Link Meanie, DD Meanie), Big Heavy Stuff (Eliot Fish, Greg Atkinson, Carolyn Polley), Falling Joys (Pat Hayes, Pete Velzen, Suzie Higgie, Stuart G Robertson), Grinspoon (Joe Hansen, Kristian Hopes, Pat Davern, Phil Jamieson), Tex Perkins (Beasts Of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea), Ice Cream Hands (Douglas Robertson, Chuck Jenkins, Derek Smiley), The Superjesus (Sarah MacLeod, Paul Berryman, Chris Tennant, Stuart Rudd), Snout (Ross McLennan, Ewan McCartney, Greg Ng)

Fourth: Even (Matt Cotter, Ashley Naylor, Wally Meanie), Custaro (Glenn Thompson, Matthew Strong, Paul Medew, David McCormack), The Fauves (Jack Dyer, Andrew Cox, Doug Newey, Phil ‘The Doctor’ Leonard), Frenzal Rhomb (Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ MacDougall, Lex Feltham, Jay Whalley), Killing Heidi (Ella Hooper, Jesse Hooper), Smudge (Tom Morgan, Alison Galloway, Adam Yee), The Lucksmiths (Marty Donald, Tali White, Mark Monnone), Max Sharam, Spiderbait (Kram, Janet English, Damian Whitty), Maynard, Danny Yau, Hard-Ons (Blackie, Keish de Silva, Ray Ahn), The Enforcer, Jane Gazzo, Dylan Lewis, Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything), Frente! (Angie Hart, Simon Austin), Jebediah (Kevin Mitchell, Chris Daymond, Vanessa Thornton, Brett Mitchell)

Fifth: Screamfeeder (Tim Stewart, Kellie Lloyd, Dean Schwereb), TISM, Died Pretty (Ron Peno, Brett Myers), The Living End (Travis Dempsey, Scott Owen, Chris Cheney), The Hummingbirds (Alannah Russack, Simon Holmes, Robyn St Claire, Mark Temple), Nic Dalton, Regurgitator (Ben Ely, Martin Lee, Quran Yeomans), Dave Graney, Claire Moore, Helen Razer, You Am I (Davey Lane, Tim Rogers, Rusty Hopkinson, Andy Kent)

Bottom: Something For Kate (Paul Dempsey, Stephanie Ashworth, Clint Hyndman), Powderfinger (Ian Haig, Jon Coghill, Bernard Fanning, John Collins, Darren Middleton), silverchair (Ben Gillies, Chris Joannou, Daniel Johns), Pollyanna (Rayke Stapleton, Serge Luca, Matt Handley), Gough Whitlam, Tim Freedman, Magic Dirt (Adam Robertson, Dean Turner, Raúl Sánchez, Adalita Srsen), Ratcat (Andrew Polin, Amr Zaid, Simon Day), Mikey Robins, TISM, Clouds (Jodi Phillis, Stuart Eadie, Trish Young, Dave Easton), Ben Lee

I came here through a link. What podcast?

There’s a podcast about all these people. That’s the website you’re on. Find out more here.