Thank you…

Sometimes you do things and who the hell knows how it might go. You do it cos making stuff is fun. Just Ace was started with no expectation. I thought Nathan Jolly might like it.

The reaction to the podcast has been overwhelming and incredible. I always thought I’d be speaking about ‘people’ my age. Turns out it has connected me with old friends and made me some new ones.

There are so many people involved with the story who have reached out. Bands, managers, record people, writers, bosses, workers. People who were in the room where it happens. Some things I was wrong about. Most things had far more dimensions than in my podcast.

The numbers blow my mind. Several thousand listeners. Over 100k downloads. 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts. In the top 100 podcasts in Australia. #1 in music. And just the people who told me they loved it.

So. Thank you (each and every one of you) for supporting me at my most indulgent. Especially the many Patrons through Patreon. You will be getting something in your emails before the year is out. The Buy Me A Coffee people. Coffees are great. And the people who reviewed and told a friend. And Luke, who recognised my voice and told everyone at a pub about this guy and his podcast.

I’ve learnt a lot and had fun. Hope your did too. Stick with me, even though things will be a little quieter for a few months. Season 2 will be with you in the middle of 2023.