Every 90s Australian Alternative Music Video (almost…)

This week’s episode is about the TV show Rage and music videos. And in writing it, it made me miss music video shows. I worked at Channel [V] and MAX for many years and loved music video shows since I was a kid. It’s a shame that I can’t just tune into some long, themed, music video countdown anymore.

But of course, there’s YouTube.

So I decided to make a big rambling video playlist of all the videos. Over the course of making the podcast, I kept rewatching old music videos and when I came across one, I added them to a playlist. So here’s the playlist.

Here is over 300 music videos from the 90s Australian alternative music scene (whatever the hell that means). I assume there’s heaps missing and if there are, please let me know (email me). There was no logic in putting them together.

The embedded player below only shows 200, but if you click on this link – you can get all 300 plus.

To tie it back to this week’s episode, it’s fascinating how many of the videos have the Rage watermark. It was the only place who played them. I recommend putting the videos on shuffle. With the odd Rage watermark, it can recreate the feeling of watching Rage in the 90s.

It’s shame about the ads. Apple Music has a great film clip function but the record labels don’t seem to care to upload them.

There doesn’t seem to be any conversation about what clips are the best. Australian music film clips don’t get much critical acknowledgement. what are the iconic film clips of the era? The images and videos that defined the decade? A conversation we can have at the pub one day…