Ep 21: Candle Records – show notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 21: Candle Records, The Simpletons, The Lucksmiths, Darren Hanlon

The name of this episode comes from The Lucksmiths song called The Chapter Of Your Life Entitled San Francisco. It wasn’t in the 90s but it’s an excellent song. I had other title ideas but this captured it for me. 

Here’s a lovely live version. 

The Simpletons

The Simpletons l-r: Stephen Meldrum, Brad Cheers, Darren Hanlon and Cheyne Gelagin. Cheyne’s name is spelt the way it is but people called him Shane and has been written up as Shane in places (possibly as a mistake).

There is footage of the band from the start. It is a miracle this was recorded. Here’s that wonderful 2480 song from their first EP. 

Here’s a news story about their National Band competition win

The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths have been reissuing their catalogue through their own label Lost And Lonesome. They celebrate 25 years this year, amazingly.

Candle Records and other bands

There’s not that many photos of Chris online. Here’s one from a podcast he did, with him in his new store Happy Valley.

There was a bit of a discussion about a book on Candle Records. There could easily be a doco – there’s enough footage around and a lot of the bands are still around, and I assume happy to talk.

Music heard

  • Electric Skeleton by Darren Hanlon
  • Till The Sky by The Simpletons
  • 2480 by The Simpletons
  • Tall Poppies by The Simpletons
  • The Cassingle Revival by The Lucksmiths
  • Weatherboard by the Lucksmiths
  • Tree by The Lucksmiths
  • The Tichborne Claimant by The Lucksmiths
  • Under The Rotunda by The Lucksmiths
  • Guess How Much I Love You by The Lucksmiths
  • Crash Out by The Simpletons
  • Nice by The Simpletons
  • Catch Hymn by The Simpletons
  • Sitting In A Cyclone by The Mabels
  • Hard by Stella One Eleven
  • Ivy by The Dearhunters
  • Don’t Overlook Me by Golden Rough
  • The Chapter Of Your Life Entitled San Francisco by The Lucksmiths
  • Punk’s Not Dead by Darren Hanlon
  • A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed) by The Lucksmiths
  • Light A Candle by The Simpletons
  • T-Shirt Weather by The Lucksmiths