Ep 07: Street Press In the 90s – Show Notes

Show notes, links, music and other stuff for Ep 07: Street Press.

This episode is called The Street Press Years, named after a compilation by the band Even.

Street Press Titles

So a lot of the street press in Australia from the 90s has gone, and a lot of the records are hard to find. There’s no YouTube documentaries, no fan sites, nothing. Most of the old websites have gone.

State libraries across Australia hold big collections of them, but some are incomplete. I spent a lot of time at the State Library of NSW doing research for this project. What an incredible place. Here’s what they look like, all bound up. I’d love to get around to all the other State Libraries around Australia at some point. Plus the cover to the very first Drum Media.

The wikipedia page for Australian Street Press is pretty good, with a graph of publication dates for various titles. Some more issue and date information from my research below.

Pub: The Movie

In the time since this episode was recorded, Pub The Movie actually came out! It’s the story of Fred Negro, the wonderful Melbourne mad man who had a comic strip in Inpress. It premiered on the 12 August 2022 and playing film festivals as of this writing. Hopefully a home release will be announced.


  • Drum Media. 18 September 1990 – 6 August 2013. 1172 issues. Tuesdays.
  • On The Street. 1981 – 11 December 1996. 827 issues. Wednesdays.
  • Revolver. 5 November 1997- 10 March 2003. Evolver. 7 April 2003 – 14 April 2003. Mondays.
  • Beat (Sydney). 1 November 1994-13 January 1998. 165 issues.
  • 3D World. 28 February 1989-24 May 2011. 1061 issues.


  • Beat. 20 July 1986-present
  • Inpress. 13 July 1988-7 August 2013. 1286 issues
  • On The Street (Melbourne). 19 June 1996-31 July 1996. 7 issues


  • Time Off. 21 February 1979-7 August 2013. 1639 issues.
  • Rave. 9 October 1991-26 June 2012. 1047 issues.

South Australia

  • Rip It Up. February 1989-17 April 2014. “Over 1000 issues”.
  • Db Magazine. October 1991-19 February 2014. 589 issues.

Western Australia

  • X-Press. 21 June 1985-18 May 2016. 1527 issues.

Australian Capitol Territory

  • BMA Magazine. February 1992-present


A lot of the music here is from the Underground Lovers soundtrack for Mallboy. It’s a wonderful soundtrack and worth checking out.

  • I Love My Trackies, Man by Underground Lovers
  • In A World Of Shit by Underground Lovers

Songs heard:

  • Celebrity Head by Powderfinger
  • Stupid Dream by Even